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Truth about Hate for the First Black President

True Colors: Racism, lies, & HCR

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It becomes increasingly clear that the best thing that could have possibly happened to this country was the election of a President of color. Although this country has remained steeped in hypocrisy and denial since its inception, a Black Man as President has made that increasingly and painfully obvious. Every day there is a new example (like keeping your children home from school to prevent them from seeing the current Black President speak, yet busing your children to a football stadium to watch a former White President speak), and the racist elements at the core of this society are finding it impossible to maintain their previous anonymity. The list of prominent political figures inadvertently exposing themselves (most recently Congresswoman Jean Schmidt) as being incapable of accepting this man as President continues to grow, as the fallacy about this country’s evolution on issues of race becomes progressively evident. The treatment of and response to this President every time he opens his mouth paints a painful but accurate portrait of American Racism, and it is long past time to face it.

The “McCarthian” attacks on this president and his staff (that merely mask their true motivations) have risen to new heights over proposed health insurance reform and the President’s address to a joint session of Congress demonstrated that in spades. In a country that allowed eight years of the most horrendous lies to govern reality and dictate global policy, no amount of evidence was sufficient to demonstrate the fraud perpetrated on the American people and the world, yet no evidence whatsoever is necessary to fabricate anything at all about this President, or scream “You Lie!” on the House floor like an ignorant town hall teabagger. In forty years I’ve never seen anything like it, but since there has never been a president that daily rakes across the dirty little secret of this country, there’s no reason that I ever would have.

From the moment the President took the podium, the tactics that were going to be employed were obvious and childish. The same pathetic “hand made” signs, reams of supposed healthcare reform bills (more likely fantasy football lists), and with Blackberrys in hand (ready to tweet their disapproval at an instants’ notice) these people were “armed” and ready for rebellion. The rage on their faces was evident from the get-go and without any prior knowledge, one would have been sure that this President had violated each and every one of these men in some deeply personal manner.

I don’t mind saying that I was not particularly hopeful that this speech was going to be anything more than another attempt at appeasing the wild beasts that cannot be appeased. I’ve written in great detail about my disappointment in this President’s efforts to reach compromises with the people that deliberately created the disasters this country and this world face, and this health insurance reform issue (beginning with the immediate dismissal of the single payer option) gave me little reason to believe in this President’s grasp of the core issues involved. In my opinion, most of these House and Senate members should be in jail (or at very least out of a job) for their deliberate efforts over the last thirty years to create the economic inequality and parasitic greed that governs this capitalist country, and they have no right to be consulted – even about the time of day. During his campaign, these people relentlessly employed the tried and true methods of personal destruction and used their centuries old bag of tricks to resuscitate this country’s terminal fear of the Black Man – and it was beyond frustrating watching him praise a system that was designed specifically to keep his kind (and mine) enslaved and in chains.

Although this reality continues to go unaddressed by this President, his address to the joint session of congress demonstrated that he has the capacity to actually hear the people and engage the Corporation. I must say, this is a very good start and a promising sign. Although he continues to treat these people like equals who obviously consider him anything but, he demonstrated an honest desire to tend to the needs of the people – in the face of the purveyors of corporate greed.

Although most of the attention in this reform debate centers on the public option, this President dealt some additional and extraordinary blows to the predatory economic model of the “providers” that were visibly painful for these republican senators (Insurance company representatives) to even hear spoken aloud. Watching them twist, squirm, turn beet red, and collapse was quite something to behold. The real reason for the feigned outrage over any reform at all is that the current structure of the insurance industry allows these literal leaches to suck the life blood from the populace without any regulation or responsibility at all, and that is precisely how they like it. The illusion that they provide any service or value is a precarious one at best, and several of Obama’s proposed reforms highlight that reality and abruptly turn off the free flowing faucet of billions that these people have painstakingly constructed.

Take just a few of examples:

1. No Pre-existing conditions: The easiest way to limit their responsibility and outlay of funds is to only cover people that are not likely to get sick. Obama’s proposal makes that illegal.

2. Cap on Cost: When illness does strike an individual, the “providers” have consistently jacked up the cost to the policy holder to compensate for their outlay. Obama’s proposal makes that illegal.

3. No Cap on Payout: When illness strikes and the “providers” decide they don’t want to pay for your care anymore, they can arbitrarily end your coverage. Obama’s proposal makes that illegal.

Notice that the ways in which these “providers” have traditionally made the bulk of their obscene profits would be made ILLEGAL by Obama’s proposed reform, and this elucidates the actuality of these entities. They are in fact criminal extortion operations that feed off of the misery and suffering of individuals and are renowned for sucking every last cent from people – often at the very end of their lives. This is the reality that they desperately try to keep the populace from recognizing and why they go to such great lengths to divert the conversation from the truth.

Certainly, not all of the news was good however.  As I’ve said, the fact that this president insists on consulting and including the very same architects of this predatory insurance industry in developing the plan for reform, only ensures that they will (as they have done for decades) devise devious methods of preserving the system as is.  The “compromises” this president has already floated are exactly that, and only serve to divert the financial molestation from one orifice to another.

For instance, the most offensive proposal (as far as I’m concerned) is this preposterous suggestion of a mandate.  The Baucus bill states clearly that people would be forced to purchase insurance from these criminal entities that shouldn’t exist in the first place.  This is the “compromise” that these blue dog republicans in democratic clothing are proposing to compensate for the losses in bilking privileges that would result from the reforms mentioned above.  This ridiculous plan would force millions more individuals into the pockets of these abusers, and would fine people who already can’t afford to pay blood money to these “providers,” up to $3,800 dollars a year.  The trigger and the four year delay are more examples that serve no purpose whatsoever, except to give these institutions four more years to rape the public and plot how they are going to re-wage the war at the end of that period anyway.

The real problem that these capitalists have created in this predatory nation is that there are too many vultures and not enough corpses.  The reason that American industry cannot compete in the international marketplace is that too many industries have a “need” to profit from every single transaction and aspect of American life, which causes everything (food, shelter, medicine, etc.) to be exponentially more expensive than anywhere else on the planet.  The number of people whose profit margins and lifestyles depend on getting a piece of the average American’s meager salary is enormous, and simply cannot be sustained.  The workers in this country are bilked at every turn, and none of these “capitalists” (like the drug addicts they are) are willing to give up one percentage point of profit, even if it is to keep the illusion of an economy running.

Since the employers are unwilling to increase salaries, the landlords are unwilling to decrease rents, the corporate food machine is unwilling to lower prices, the pharmaceutical companies are unwilling to lower drug costs, etc. there is literally not enough money to go around to keep these greedy institutions satiated.  Add to this the wholly unnecessary insurance industry that is just one more exorbitant expense on an already over-burdened predatory system, and we find ourselves in the situation were in…  Too many profit margins to support, and not enough economic slaves to support them.

Although all of these issues have to be addressed, the one facing us is obvious.  As evidenced by the infinite examples of these health insurance companies being nothing more than a greedy middle man whose only function is to take money from a person in medical need, and make sure that the individual doesn’t get the service, they are quite literally an anti-value in the economic system.  The argument (in favor of their continued existence) that these institutions provide “jobs” is ridiculous when one considers the lack of value those jobs produce.  When AIG was actual needed during the collapse of the American economy myth for instance, we found out just how true that reality is.  Yet because the parasites are dug in so deeply into our system of government, instead of this criminal entity being dissolved and imprisoning the people responsible, billions of taxpayer future dollars were printed up to cover this company’s loses, as well as seemingly every other corporation on the planet.  Compare this to the Chinese food executives that after their brief experiment in emulating American style shortcuts that resulted in tainted food products, were quite quickly sentenced to death.

So the same people who created the global dilemmas we all face, are still in charge and (if it can even be believed) have infinitely more money now than they did before loosing everyone else’s.  This is the system we live in, and these are the people these republicans represent.  Their distain and lack of respect for the American mind (hard to argue there) makes it just a matter of advertising to convinced the moronic masses that the most important aspect of the health insurance debate is to address tort reform (so it is impossible to sue your doctor after he amputates the wrong diabetes-ridden leg because he was high on Oxycontin), or that illegal aliens are going to steal their healthcare.  The fact that the Whitehouse is already showing signs of capitulation to the anti-humanist agenda by including some kind of citizenship check to buy healthcare, is just another example of why this country is such an atrocious global citizen.

The easiest way to rid our culture of these diseased institutions would be a single payer plan (like the rest of the semi-civilized world) where (contrary to popular misconception) the government would PAY FOR, NOT PROVIDE healthcare – leaving individuals free to choose whatever doctor they want without fear of being denied by the insurance industry.  Since the weebles have been wobbled into believing the corporate fallacy about this approach however, there’s not much hope of that any time soon.

Which brings us to their last remaining nemesis – The Public Option.  All the fear tactics and scary government take-over talk is a ruse to keep the people from waking to the reality that these entities provide no actual service or benefit to humanity, and this country would be infinitely better off if they didn’t exist at all. If there is one thing this President said during his address that is completely false it is that these companies have the “right” to make a profit from the illness of Americans, and the existence of a public option would remove that incentive and destroy their monopoly. The preposterous suggestion that only 5% of the people would choose to abandon their blood-sucking “providers” in favor of a system that’s sole purpose wasn’t to benefit from their disease is no doubt another industry generated myth to lessen the perceived impact, but they and I both know it would be considerably more than that. The average healthcare costs per individual in this country are twice that of any other industrialized nation on the planet and it is precisely because of the profit motive that this is the case. A public option of any kind would make that glaringly apparent, and they are deathly afraid (and rightfully so) that it would kill the golden goose.

So this is the fight we must undertake, and the fight we must win. Even with the rest of the proposed reforms that this President has suggested (that will considerably impact these “providers” ability to gouge the public), they would do nothing to impact the monopoly, and these criminals would still be the only option for people who are unwilling to just lay down and die. A full and open (to everyone) public option must be in the reform bill to wrench control of American lives out of the hands of these demons, and to expose them as the parasites that they are. Forget the rantings of the ignorant and bloated masses that will soon succumb to the diseases intentionally inflicted upon them by the poisonous fabricated food system. They will learn the error of their support of these institutions the hard way as they lay sick or dying, and their own lives are reduced to nothing more than a cash machine for the corporation. Focus on delivering the truth to the President and Democratic Congress, and the transformation this country has needed for decades can begin with the end of the “healthcare” monopoly.


Bill Noxid – Original Posting – September 10, 2009. (True Colors:)


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Reference Notes:

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Written by Bill Noxid

January 29, 2011 at 2:55 pm

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