The Second Civil War

Truth about Hate for the First Black President

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There is beauty in truth, even when the truth is ugly.~ E. Shahan

I have been seeking the truth about this country and the problems it faces, creates, and perpetuates for a very long time, and have come to some inescapable conclusions that must be faced if there is any chance of avoiding the return to slavery that is planned.  The deliberate and racially motivated destruction (at a foundational and systemic level) of the First Black Presidency of the United States has exposed the reality of a country founded and operating on genocide and slavery, and the extent of the hate for “The Black Man” for all the World to see.

The Republicans and their “Private Sector” have proven – beyond the shadow of any doubt – that they are willing and able to prevent any progress on any level, and are willing and able to crash the global economic structure for the sole purpose of blaming it on the ‘Black Man.’  A great many ‘hard working’ Americans have proven perfectly willing to heap all fault on the First Black President as well.

Friday on Morning Joe, Peggy Noonan said “Obama can’t win in 2012, but Republicans can lose.”  David Gregory said “we expected so much more from him,” as if he has somehow single handedly failed America.  That’s how far from the reality of 3 years of Republican racism and obstruction we have come – the Republicans aren’t guilty of ten years of war crime, theft, and criminal policies that caused the crash, followed by three years of obstructing every effort by the First Black President of the United States to fix it; Obama is somehow the failed President who needs to be replaced with yet another one of THEM.

I have been desperately trying to find an avenue to expose these realities since before Obama was elected, and I have – quite accurately – predicted what would happen and why.  Because people were not aware of the operations and methods being used against them, they have and continue to work perfectly as the entire first term of the First Black Presidency of the United States has not only been completely wasted, but the Republican Klan has attacked citizens, workers, and minorities’ rights, education, and services with viciousness and vindictiveness not seen since the segregated South.

This country has refused to face the reality of its origin and policies for over 200 years, and as a result, the Confederacy can stand on the National Stage and regurgitate sentiments and objectives voiced by the secessionist states in the 1800s and it goes completely unchallenged.  Because of the intentional exclusion of that reality from our educational system (not that it ever existed in it), the politics of racism is excused as ‘politics as usual’ by the complicit and equally owned and infiltrated media.  It’s not like they have to hide the reality after all – Pat Buchanan proclaims himself very proudly a Son of the Confederate, and is on MSNBC every day.

President Obama (and everyone in this country) has allowed three years of the most outrageous and overt racism I’ve ever seen (and I grew up the ONLY BLACK CHILD in Smalltown, U.S.A.) to be denied, while any and all preposterous labels and baseless accusations are excused as ‘disagreeing on policy.’  For three years it’s been a truly embarrassing display of a primitive ignorant culture that claims to be civilized, pretending not to see the truth and the foundation of hate at the root of their entire society.

I have chronicled all of Obama’s critical capitulations and this country’s denials that a mere three years after the election of ‘hope,’ has enabled the South to rise again, and in exactly one year, this country is at risk from the going from the First Black President to the First President of the New Confederacy…

For three years I have warned, predicted, and explained realities that – if understood by the general public – would expose and disable the divide and conquer strategies that have quite effectively destroyed the first term of the First Black Presidency.  If the methods, motivations, and objectives of these people are not exposed on a National level, they will also succeed in making sure it is the Last Term of the First Black Presidency.

I am looking for any and all avenues, means, insight, and assistance in getting exposure for this actuality.  For three years I have been unable to find any individuals or entities with the courage to face this reality as I’ve watched ALL of my forecasts come to fruition, and if any Republican Confederate wins in 2012, you don’t want to know what comes next.  Everyone in this country needs to understand the truth about hate for the First Black President, and why it is so important to them that he fail – at any cost to the American people or the World – before they decimate the best opportunity the people have ever had.

Please examine the writings below.  I dearly Hope you will recognize the gravity and urgency of the situation.  While the Obama campaign starts up an site three years too late, the war for public perception is all but lost, and there is very little time to expose the truth.  Certainly any assistance will be appreciated by me personally, but saving the future of social evolution in this country and on this planet should be the real motivation to expose the truth.

Bill Noxid

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Written by Bill Noxid

September 18, 2011 at 11:51 am

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