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Free in Our Time

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The question of every generation of thinking people in every country is “Will there be Peace in our time?” The nature of “Global Community” however requires that Man see past Peace as a goal, and recognize it as a symptom.

When a child is born on this planet, his first perception of the three-dimensional world is that he or she is the “center”.  All activities in his or her immediate perception revolve around them and their needs.  This perception of the world ( particularly in this country ) doesn’t evolve much over time beyond one’s team, community, or country, and as a result severely hampers one’s ability to understand events in the world.  Any event that occurs outside of our perceived world that doesn’t support our understanding is deemed “wrong” or a “threat” to our “way of life” and must be destroyed, denied, or converted into something that makes us “comfortable”.  This ego driven undeveloped mentality keeps us at odds with any other perception on the planet and by it’s nature denies any possibility of the conditions necessary for Peace.

Perspective is one of the primary components of Evolution.  The only limit to Human Understanding is the scope of one’s vision and the willingness to continuously expand it.  The locked state of Ignorance in which we currently exist is a self-imposed condition formed from an obsolete and self-destructive fear that being wrong, accepting it, and making the tremendous effort to change it somehow diminishes us.  I can tell in Truth ( having experienced numerous stages of Evolution ) that exactly the opposite is the case.  The only thing “diminished” in the process of expanded understanding is the validity of Ego.

The problem we face on this planet is that the “wrong” we have to admit to is massive.  It is all encompassing and it exists at the core of our society’s foundation. It is a self perpetuating fabrication that motivates our national consciousness.  That fabrication is that Freedom exists on this planet, and that we are the only ones who have it.  Neither of those things is even remotely true.

Everyone on this planet is in slavery whether they are cognizant of it or not.  In fact it is the very same underdeveloped ability to perceive that prevents Man from recognizing this reality, but it’s a fundamentally simple equation.  Individuals in this country ( and on this Planet ) have “jobs” which occupy most of their waking life to produce goods and services for the Institution of the Corporation for generally meager compensation, which they promptly give right back to the Institution of the Corporation for the same goods and services.  At best you live in indentured servitude, but in reality you are still on the Plantation.

However, the Slave Owner has learned through millennia of trial and error the value having the slave not perceive himself as a slave.  Hence this entire society and all of it’s components are geared to preventing the slave from awakening.  Every new meaningless product or coffee flavor creates the illusion of “progress” and keeps the slave occupied.  Every “news” broadcast is designed to focus your attention to anything other than the reality of the world and your position in it.  The endless series of recreational products and events ensure that any chance of free thinking that hasn’t already been destroyed is lost in some feeble attempt at having “fun”.

So while Americans stay isolated, ignorant, and enslaved, the world evolves without our knowledge.  Such a perspective might lead you to think I am a pessimist, but again I would tell you exactly the opposite. My field of vision is much larger than that.  For the first time in this incarnation I can see the reality of Freedom in Our Time.  While we in this country are subjected to endless coverage of fake bomb plots and a ten year old dead white girl case, the 33 Day War has dramatically altered the Middle East and the World.  The slaves of Lebanon took the full wrath of their master and did not blink.  This is a powerful turning point in the balance of power and marks the beginning of the end of subjugation.  The Lebanese people have demonstrated the power, will, and right to exist not in Peace, but Free.  This to the Slave Owner is the most terrifying development imaginable.

What is happening in Lebanon will change ( by example ) a variety of things on this planet that people accept as fact.  The fundamental reason for this is that when Hassan Nasrallah says he cares about the Lebanese people, he means it. Not that anyone in this country would know that of course, since mainstream media hasn’t played more than thirty seconds of any of his statements followed by the “white man’s overview”, but if you had the opportunity to actually hear him you would surely know differently.  This makes him unique as a leader since there are very few leaders ( certainly not ours ) that actually care for the people they are supposed to serve and protect.  We should all be very well aware by now that leaders on this planet aren’t elected, they are “installed” and are there to support the desires of the Global Corporation at the expense of the individual.

One glaring example of this was Hezbollah’s immediate response to the cease fire.  Engineers and doctors were immediately dispatched, and registry centers were set up all over the south for people in need of aid.  The response was so swift that European aid agency that went in after the cease fire couldn’t find people that had not already been visited by Hezbollah.  The aid workers reported that “The people were happy to take the extra supplies but said Hezbollah had already taken care of all of their needs”.  Two days after registering, people were called back in and given $12,000 U.S. Dollars each ( the equivalent of two and a half times the average annual salary ), no questions asked.  All of this occurred within three days of the end of the bombings.  Nasrallah has additionally pledged to not only rebuild their houses, but to build them better ones.

Contrast this with the U.S. response to Katrina.  Weeks after the event the most the U.S. was willing to offer these people was a $1,200 impossible to get debit card ( which isn’t equivalent to anything ) for which they have now spent untold millions in tracking down supposed “fraudulent” use of those funds.  A year after the event these people are still homeless, the city is still in rubble, and the only thing our government did for them was to stigmatize them for not being wealthy enough to get out of the way on their own.

Which of these responses seems like the act of a terrorist government to you?  Unless you’re a fool, you would have to choose the latter.  Is that the kind of environment you expect the peoples of the world to warmly embrace?  If they wholly reject it, does that mean they hate your “freedom”?  If they say “No, you can’t have our land, you can’t have our resources, and you can’t have the servitude of our people”, will you call that terrorism?

I assure you, the awakening is coming.  The lie of endless autocratic processes delaying reconstruction all over the world will be exposed as the farce it is and people will have to take a good hard look at who is actually lying to them.  If you insist on believing that the United States propaganda is “right” and everyone else is wrong, you are in for a grave and psychologically brutal awakening to your own ignorance.  It behooves you to reexamine your perspective while it is still a choice, as opposed to having to face the utter and crushing defeat of your belief in the Face of Truth.


Bill Noxid – Original Posting – August 22, 2006


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Written by Bill Noxid

January 28, 2011 at 4:21 pm

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