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Truth about Hate for the First Black President

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“You are a Black Man in America. Never forget that.” It seems like that was the first thing my father ever said to me, and it was the underlying theme of my time with him. One thing I am very fortunate for is that my father took the time to (and was capable of) showing me the realities of systemic racism (as he experienced and understood them). It gave me a foundation from which to continue my investigation into the world we live in, and why it is what it is. Certainly that is more than many Black children get on this planet (including to the detriment of us all – Barack Obama) and it’s most often because their parents don’t understand the enormity of racism (or the totality of their own enslavement) either. No one can teach what they do not know (and fully understand) themselves, and great effort over hundreds of years has gone into making sure Black people don’t know the truth… about anything. We see the painful reality of this on a daily basis when the Black pundits and academics that are allowed in MSM fail to understand or explain any aspect of the evident, growing, and outrageous hate festering in this country.

“You are a Black Man in America.” He said it often and deliberately, and when he did it was a warning, a threat, an order, and an honor – all at the same time. My White mother (flower child that she was) just saw me as a beautiful ‘person’ of course, and didn’t understand (feared, in fact) my father insistence, but he knew very well that all reality ultimately comes down to that for a Black Man in America – for a thousand different reasons, a thousand times a day. All Black people feel it, all Black people know it, but few understand it, and even fewer can articulate it.

My real-life education in what it means to be a Black Man in America has been all encompassing (particularly during my high school years in a very small, all White, town in the U.S.A.), but in order to survive the experience, there is one ability that is absolutely essential. That is the ability to know when and why you are being treated as a sub-human because of the color of you skin, and this fundamental ability (as near as I can tell) is being taught by precisely – no one. This is one of the things I attempt and intend to remedy. The most detrimental, disheartening, and dehumanizing thing that can happen to a Black youth on this planet is to grow up believing the lies and misinformation this global colonial society teaches them about their history, their ability, and their worth.

It may sound simple enough to know when you are being viewed as less than Man, but certainly it is not. If Black people on this planet understood the history, reasons, and degree of their perpetual slavery since (at least) the 1500’s, you would be seeing real revolution on this planet – instead of the corporate sponsored ones they treat us to. The reason it is impossible for many Black people to even recognize when an action, policy, or statement is racist is because no one in this country or on this planet has the slightest idea of the depth or magnitude to which this global society is itself – based on racism and slavery. In order to grasp the enormity, one has to understand the real history of the last five-hundred years, and the wealth, belief system, and legacy this society comes from… the belief system that people accept as “civilization.”

I’ve spent my entire life seeking the reality beneath the lies, delusions, and fairy tales this country / global society has sustained itself on for the last several hundreds years. As a result of what I have learned (outside of what society will teach or even accept about itself), I have come to understand this illusion of civilization as exactly that. Centuries of theft, genocide, invasion, and colonization, have erased all historical reality and those that founded their society on the spoils and bodies called it the Divine Will of God. This is the lie of ‘civilization’ that we all agree to believe in.

This is a fantasy perpetuated over centuries by the slavers (who evolved into the corporation) that must come to an end, no matter how painful it is to surrender this society’s “image of God” delusion. I can assure you, nothing about this society is the “Will of the Creator,” and this fairytale only benefits the perpetrators. These are same perpetrators (and their descendants) who are foaming with fear that Black people are ‘taking over’ and that ‘The White Man’ is an endangered species. It’s not their Whiteness they are afraid of loosing, it is their White Privilege they are afraid of loosing. Pretending this is civilization when it remains a slave planet with lipstick must come to an end.

Intelligent dialog is welcome and encouraged,

Bill Noxid


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Written by Bill Noxid

January 30, 2011 at 10:24 pm

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  1. First, let me congratulate you on such a well written article. People who really need to not only read this article, but study it, will probably never take the time to do so, namely those that call themselves “Progressive”.

    When Attorney General Holder said we were a nation of cowards because people, especially white people, will not have an open conversation regarding race. He’s correct. This country needs to study the culture of African Americans, especially our men. Then and only then,will they just begin to understand our plight.


    August 4, 2011 at 1:13 am

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